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Wildcat @ Home

Union R-XI Virtual Learning Registration 

(Wildcat@Home - 2nd Semester 2020/2021)

Learning options at Union R-XI vary based on student learning needs including virtual learning through W@H.  Enrollment in these programs must be approved by the R-XI Administration.  The application process for Wildcat@Home - 2nd Semester 2020/2021 is as follows:

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Part 1:

  • Collection of Student Name, Union R-XI School Building Information, and Parent Contact Information.

Part 2:

  • Establishment of the "Why" behind requesting virtual learning enrollment.

  • Parents and students review and rank the student's learning preferences utilizing the Online Learning Readiness Rubric:

  • Confirmation of reading the Virtual Learning Facts for W@H:

  • Recognition of Risk if courses are not completed. 

Part 3: Completion and submission of the Union R-XI Virtual Learning Registration/Application Form by 8:00 a.m. on December 4th, 2020.

Additional Steps (after successful completion of the Registration/Application Form):

Step 1: Discussion of Student's Best Educational Interest Determination is conducted by the school administrator, school counselor, or virtual learning administrator (Grade K-5: Kendra Fennessey, Grades 6-8: Ted Koenigsfeld, Grades 9-12: Markie Lampkin) to determine if it is in the best educational interest of the child to participate in W@H virtual learning.

Step 2: Student is approved or denied virtual enrollment.  Denial may be based on previous unsuccessful participation in W@H or failing to complete previous W@H courses.

Step 3: Approval or denial of W@H enrollment is sent to the parent and or student.

Step 4: Students approved for W@H enrollment are enrolled in the W@H and emailed procedural information.

Note: During the enrollment process, families are asked to commit to a semester of Wildcat@Home virtual learning. There may be extenuating circumstances that might create a need for a family to switch from one learning environment to the other mid-semester. In these rare instances, families can complete the Learning Environment Hardship Appeal Form.  This form can be obtained by the W@H administrator (Grade K-5: Kendra Fennessey, Grades 6-8: Ted Koenigsfeld, Grades 9-12: Markie Lampkin).

Please note that a unique Form will need to be completed for each student who is requesting to be enrolled in W@H Virtual Learning.

Union R-XI Virtual Learning Registration (Wildcat@Home - 2nd Semester 2020/2021)

Union R-XI Virtual Learning Fact Sheet

Union R-XI Online Learning Readiness Self Assessment / Rubric